The Day Everyone Turned Into Michael Johnson.

Michael Johnson has no idea, but I just remembered something hilarious that happened many years ago. I think it was 2002 and I’d joined a...

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SQL/JSON in PostgreSQL 12 – the best of both worlds?

PostgreSQL 12, released October 3rd 2019, offers the SQL/JSON Path Language – a way to query and filter data in JSON objects not too...

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On the Edge of Open Source Software

There is of course, a certain irony to Microsoft’s January 15th, 2020 release of Microsoft Edge and its loudly-beating, freshly-transplanted heart.

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The Crown, the Palace, and other homes

I never really paid much attention my whole life. They were always there although I could never name many of its members. The show has reminded me of the Queen’s husband’s name and given me ample opportunity to practice English in as posh an accent as I can muster.

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